Janet Jackson – “No Sleeep (Remix Feat. J. Cole)”

Last month, Janet Jackson came back with “No Sleeep,” her first new single in seven years. It’s a sexy, pillowy, low-impact lope with production from her longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and it’s tough to imagine a better reintroduction for Ms. Jackson. Yesterday, news circulated that J. Cole would jump on a remix of the track, something that led to a great deal of Twitter eye-rolling. And it’s true; Cole is too clumsy a rapper to work on a song like this, and his idea of smooth and seductive talk is pretty laughable. But it’s fun to hear Jackson interacting with his verse, and anyway, the track works as a clear signal (if we needed another one) that Cole is one of the biggest stars in rap right now. Listen to a radio rip of the remix below.

Jackson’s new album Conversations In A Cafe is coming in fall.