Watch Kanye West Combat Transphobia And Promote Sock-Shoes On I Am Cait Premiere

Kanye West might be a member of the extended Kardashian clan, but he doesn’t appear on the various Kardashian-related TV shows that often. This weekend, however, was different. Last night, Caitlyn Jenner debuted her I Am Cait reality show, and West and his wife Kim Kardashian made a quick cameo. The visit to Jenner’s house is short and obviously staged but genuinely sweet, with West enthusing about how brave and important Jenner’s public transition to female is. He also spends some time explaining his footwear to Jenner’s befuddled sister. Watch it below.

This was a big weekend for West. He also screened the Steve McQueen-directed “All Day/I Feel Like That” video in Los Angeles and performed at the closing ceremony of the Pan Am Games in Toronto, ending a 13-minute greatest-hits medley by throwing a faulty mic way the hell in the air. Observe:

Kanye West! Doing things!