Places To Hide – “B. Murphy” / “Punk Vacation”

Some great young bands just aren’t destined to be long for this world. See Sports — who are releasing their second and final album in the fall — and file them next to Places To Hide, who announced that they were breaking up earlier this month. The Atlanta band has put out one full-length and one 7-inch, both of which are great and well worth checking out, and they’re releasing one final message in the form of Strange Lyfe, the footnote of a sophomore album that will unfortunately close the curtain on this band. I totally wiffed and missed out on when the band announced their demise and shared the title track for the record, so you can listen to that one here. Below via Immersive Atlanta, check out “B. Murphy” and “Punk Vacation,” two bleary-eyed punk songs that show off what Places To Hide did best, and why they’ll be missed so much.

Strange Lyfe is out this fall, and is being self-released by the band via Irrelevant Recordings. (Ha.)