Hear Josh Homme & Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner Exchange Dour One-Liners On Beats 1 Radio

Anytime you turn on Beats 1 Radio and hear distorted guitars, it’s a fair bet that you’re catching some part of “The Alligator Hour,” Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme’s show. (Did you know you actually pronounce the E on the end of his last name? I didn’t know that until I heard the show. I’ve been saying his name wrong for so many years!) on the most recent installment, he welcomed a friend and frequent collaborator, Arctic Monkeys leader Alex Turner, to the show. Together, the two of them seemed to be competing to see who could sound more sleepy and dour. Topics include the shit that the two of them write in their iPhone notes in the middle of the night and Homme’s bad ideas for themed bars. In between the bits of conversation, Homme plays songs from people like John Lennon and Ween. The conversation starts about halfway through the episode, which you can hear here.