Lenny Kravitz Rocks Out With His Cock Out (Literally)

Lenny Kravitz Rocks Out With His Cock Out (Literally)

Wearing ridiculously tight leather pants with no underwear seems like basically the most Lenny Kravitz way that you could possibly dress. We should just go ahead and call this particular fashion statement “the Lenny Kravitz.” But last night in Stockholm, the Lenny Kravitz backfired on Lenny Kravitz. As the Daily Mail reports, Kravitz was playing a show at the Stockholm venue Gröna Lund when he went into a deep squat and his pants split open right down the middle. Even better: He appeared to not notice that anything had happened at first. Kravitz rushed offstage between songs to find a pristine pair of leather pants while a producer came out to tell the crowd that they’d had “some problems on stage.” Watch thankfully-blurred footage of the incident below.

Here is an unblurred version if you want.

Sadly, it’s probably too late for this to inspire a subplot in the next Hunger Games movie.

UPDATE: Kravitz comments…

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