This Is Head – “Astray” (Stereogum Premiere)

This Is Head – “Astray” (Stereogum Premiere)

Now on their third album, This Is Head sound like a well-oiled machine. The Swedish band has already put out four other singles from their upcoming self-titled release — “Natten,” “Timmerdalen,” “People,” and the Alice Boman-featuring “Beginning” — and all of them are painted in broad, technicolor strokes. Their next single, “Astray,” is no different. There’s a playfulness to the track, chimes tied around an unwavering rhythm. You can practically picture the sunlight twinkling off a pool of water from the first notes, something that’s immediately evocative of the isolated cabin on an island where the whole album was recorded. Listen below.

This Is Head is out in the fall on Adrian Recordings.

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