Lil B Endorses Bernie Sanders On CNN, Sanders Says Thanks

Lil B can still make great music when the moment strikes; his new collaborative mixtape with Chance The Rapper is proof. But his whole all-positivity outlook means he’s also more likely to go viral, at any given moment, than virtually anyone else in rap. Case in point: Last month, the Based God announced on Twitter that, while he’d been supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, he was switching his support to progressive left-wing candidate Bernie Sanders. Recently, CNN had Lil B on to explain his change of heart, and Lil B was fairly eloquent in explaining which issue matter the most to him. (He also declined to put the Based God’s Curse on Clinton.) And now Sanders, who follows Lil B on Twitter, has publicly thanked Lil B for the support. Below, check out the relevant Tweets and the video of Lil B on CNN.

This may go down in history as the first time a presidential candidate has Tweeted to Worldstar. May it not be the last.

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