Watch Marilyn Manson As A Native American Hitman In The Let Me Make You A Martyr Trailer

Marilyn Manson has been playing a character onstage for more than 20 years, and now he’ll get a good chance to play another one on the big screen. In the forthcoming indie film Let Me Make You A Martyr, Manson plays a Native American hitman. His Sons Of Anarchy castmate Mark Boone Junior stars as a scuzzed-out criminal who hires Manson’s character to kill his grown-up rebellious son. The movie, which was shot in Tulsa, looks like a mythic Midwestern-gothic story, which should fit into Manson’s lane just fine even if he’s barely recognizable in character. Manson tells Rolling Stone, “I just had to observe the level of poverty and, I guess, white trash element to the story. The house where my character lives, sort of on a swamp on a reservation, looked like a combination between Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Apocalypse Now. It was pretty epic. Just seeing that, I knew where to go.” (Manson also claims to be part Native American.) Watch the trailer below.

Let Me Make You A Martyr will be out next year. Read more about it at Rolling Stone.