Skrillex Says Deadmau5 Is An Asshole, Deadmau5 Responds With Twitter Rant

EDM beef! You have to love the EDM world, where nobody will make fun of you for wearing a lit-up mouse mask for years on end but everyone will get very upset if you start to harsh the communal buzz. Deadmau5 has never been shy about publicly mocking his EDM-superstar peers, and he’s lately been critical of Jack Ü, the team of Diplo and Skrillex, and their really great Justin Bieber-collab hit “Where Are Ü Now.” On Twitter earlier this summer, Deadmau5 had this to say:

More recently, Deadmau5 shared a remix of the Jack Ü track that’s really just incompetent recorder tootles. He was clearly taking the piss. Just listen:

EDMLife reports that during a recent New York radio interview, Skrillex said that the remix was funny. But he also offered this: “I’ll always have love for [Deadmau5], but he’s an asshole, and everyone knows that. And he knows that, and that’s kinda his thing.” Given that Skrillex never says anything bad about anyone, this qualified as newsworthy. Late last night on Twitter, Deadmau5 fired back, again and again: