Watch A Goofy, Bloody Commercial For FIDLAR’s New T-Shirt

FIDLAR are nothing if not a funny band, and in conjunction with the lead-up to their next album, they’ve released an infomercial about their latest merch acquisition. The “Happiness Shirt” promises to bring well-being and self-confidence to the most down-on-their-luck FIDLAR fans. In the blood-spattered infomercial, members of the band bemoan the difficulties of their lives. Some of them testifying to having had bad skin (read: blood all over their face), difficulty slicing apples (read: bloodied hands), and discolored urine (read: bloody pee), before purchasing the “Happiness Shirt.” This video follows-up the equally goofy video for the band’s single “Drone” off of their forthcoming album, Too. Watch the new infomercial below.

Too is out 9/4 on Mom+Pop.

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