Preview A New Bat For Lashes Song

As previously reported, Bat For Lashes has spent the past few days announcing something mysterious through a game of hangman on Instagram. Smart money would indicate that she’s got a new album coming out, as it’s been nearly three years since her last one, the very good The Haunted Man. And now Natasha Khan has teased a few seconds of an untitled new song. It’s hard to tell much from a 15-second clip. But it’s got a lot of percussion and guitar sustain, with Khan’s voice skipping over all of it, and it’s easy to imagine it turning into something great. Check it out below.

So: Hex Witch? Sex Bitch? We’ll know soon enough, I suppose.

UPDATE: Here’s another teaser.

UPDATE 2: Yet another teaser. This one seems to hint that the album will be called Sex Witch, if she’s following standard hangman etiquette.