Los Colognes – “Baby, You Can’t Have Both”

Los Colognes – “Baby, You Can’t Have Both”

Nashville-via-Chicago sextet Los Colognes make rootsy, country- and blues-tinged classic rock, music that ignores all recent trends and any ideas of coolness and just goes straight for being really good. They’re releasing their second full-length, Dos, this fall, and first single “Backseat Driver” sounded almost like something that Dire Straits could’ve recorded 30 years ago (which can only be a good thing). Now they’ve shared opening track “Baby, You Can’t Have Both,” an infectious tune propelled along by jaunty piano and guitar lines flecked with electric organ. “The song was inspired by the amazingly common experience of seeing someone you love move on to some other person, but then come back to you like nothing ever happened,” frontman Jay Rutherford told The Bluegrass Situation. As he sings in the chorus: “You can have him or me, but baby, you can’t have both.” Listen.

Dos is out 9/4 via Theory 8.

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