Lana Del Rey – “Terrence Loves You”

Lana Del Rey – “Terrence Loves You”

A few days ago, a paparazzo accosted a surprisingly smiley Lana Del Rey leaving the airport in Los Angeles. Instead of blowing him up with a bazooka, however, she actually told him her favorite song off of her forthcoming album Honeymoon: “Terrence Loves You,” because it’s “jazzy.” And now, following the slow, luxuriant title track and the hip-hop inflected “High By The Beach,” Lana’s favorite has finally arrived. It’s not really all that jazzy — there is piano and a faraway trumpet, but that’s about it — but it is a dreamy, late-night slow-burn that briefly interpolates “Space Oddity,” of all things. “I lost myself when I lost you/ But I still got jazz when I’ve got the blues,” Lana sings in the chorus. Listen below.

And here’s the album cover:

Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon

The slightly obscured phone number in the bottom left-hand corner, 1-800-268-7886, is supposedly a real Honeymoon hotline. I tried to call and it’s not working for me, so maybe it’ll start running tomorrow once the album becomes available for pre-order. It was allegedly operational earlier today, however, and some people managed to get a recording. Listen to that below.

There’s also an Urban Outfitters-exclusive version of the vinyl (via Spin):

Honeymoon is out 9/18. Pre-orders start tomorrow.

UPDATE: Pitchfork reports that the Honeymoon hotline is now live and will update every week until the album is out “with new information about the album, along with Lana’s favorite lectures.” Dialing 1-800-268-7886 now will allow you to listen to “Honeymoon” or “Terrence Loves You” as well as a lecture about the origin of the universe and a TED Talk by Elon Musk.

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