Bon Jovi Say Fuck You To Longtime Label On New Album

After 32 years, Bon Jovi is leaving Mercury Records. “It is the end of an era,” Jon Bon Jovi told Billboard yesterday. The band just released the “fan album” Burning Bridges, a collection of songs intended to accompany their upcoming tour of Southeast Asia. But in addition to that, “[It fulfills] a commitment to Mercury Records,” Bon Jovi explains. “After 32 years, we have parted ways. That is the big news. If you listen to ‘Burning Bridges,’ the song, it is clearly spelled out … This hits it right in the head and tells you what happened. Listen to the lyrics because it explains exactly what happened. And that’s that.”

“After 30 years of loyalty, they let you dig the grave / Now maybe you could learn to sing or even strum along / Well I’ll give you half the publishing / You’re why I wrote this song,” Bon Jovi sings on the title track. “Sayonara, adios, auf wiedersehen, farewell/ Adieu, goodnight, guten abend, here’s one last song you can sell/ Let’s call it burning bridges, it’s a sing-along as well/ Hope my money and my masters buy a front row seat in hell.”

Bon Jovi is planning a new album and a tour in spring 2016, and he intends to finish recording by the end the year. “A lot happened,” he says. “Richie [Sambora, longtime Bon Jovi guitarist]’s sudden departure, my trying to buy the [Buffalo] Bills, and now this with the label. I have a lot of material to write about. Believe me, the new record is good. It’s pointed. It is something we are going to be very proud of in the spring when we put it out.” Listen to “Burning Bridges” below.