Taylor Swift – “Wildest Dreams” Video

Taylor Swift – “Wildest Dreams” Video

At the beginning of August Taylor Swift announced that the fifth official single off her blockbuster full-blown pop album 1989 would be “Wildest Dreams,” and tonight she shared the accompanying video for it during the pre-show of the VMAs. We already knew there would be zebras, but there was even more wildlife than we initially bargained for: waterfalls, giraffes, elephants and lions all make guest appearances. The teaser also said the video would be directed by G Musterhausen, which was later revealed as an alias of “Bad Blood” video director, Joseph Kahn.

Most shocking reveal in the video? Taylor as a brunette. It’s shot as a behind-the-scenes view of a movie being shot in Africa. It follows up the goofy dance move album introduction “Shake It Off,” the attempted sexy “Style” video, the revenge porn sarcasm of the “Blank Space” video, and the Kendrick-Lamar-and-model-squad-flaunting “Bad Blood” one. Similarly to the “Style” video, this one deals is pastel colors and fairytale romance scenes. But where she tried and sort of failed to be sexy in “Style,” here she nails smoldering. Of course it ends on a great, heartbreaking old Hollywood note. All the proceeds from the video will be donated wild animal conservation efforts through the African Parks Foundation of America. Watch below.

1989 is out now via Big Machine. If you haven’t heard it by now, you really need to get it.

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