Chance The Rapper Critiques Miley Cyrus For Wearing Dreadlocks, Saying “Mammy” At VMAs

Among the most awkward undercurrents of last night’s MTV Video Music Awards was Miley Cyrus’ continued racial tone-deafness. Cyrus, who has taken heat in the past for carelessly appropriating black culture, included two different sets of fake dreadlocks among her many costume changes. And in a sketch about making pot brownies with Snoop Dogg, she used the racially charged word “Mammy.” As we pointed out during our VMAs social media roundup, Chance The Rapper took issue with those decisions, posting a series of elliptical tweets condemning Cyrus.

Cyrus spends a lot of time with Wayne Coyne, another artist whose anything-goes attitude has steered him into sticky racial territory. If Coyne’s behavior is any indicator of what Cyrus will do, don’t expect an apology. At least there’s one thing Chance and Cyrus can agree on: Surprise-releasing free albums with lots of exciting guest stars is a good idea.