Media Jeweler – “Passport Invalid” Video

Media Jeweler – “Passport Invalid” Video

The jittery, discordant L.A. rock band Media Jeweler are gearing up to release their new album $99 R/T Hawaii, and as Noisey points out, they’ve just dropped a video for the spirited single “Passport Invalid.” Director Anthony Joseph Lucido tell the story of three inflatable punching bags and their daring attempts to escape from a particularly psychotic little kid. If you’ve seen Toy Story — and everybody has seen Toy Story — it’ll all look a little familiar. But Lucido finds fun, low-budget ways to show this story, and he’s effectively figured out how to create sympathy for these inanimate objects. This is a good one; check it out below.

$99 R/T Hawaii is out 8/14 on Fire Talk.

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