Phil Collins Recreates His Iconic Album Covers For First-Ever Deluxe Reissues

Phil Collins Recreates His Iconic Album Covers For First-Ever Deluxe Reissues

The world is ready for the critical reappraisal of solo Phil Collins. I’m not saying we need to assign canonical worth to the Tarzan, soundtrack or whatever, but “In The Air Tonight”? “Take Me Home”? “Against All Odds”? The man had jams, intensely emotive and expensive-sounding synth-rockers that were leagues removed from the things his adult-contemporary peers were making. And maybe we’ll get that reappraisal now that Collins is reissuing all eight of his solo albums, starting in November with 1981’s Face Value and 1993’s Both Sides. The reissues will include unreleased demos and live tracks, and they’ll also recreate the old album covers, showing Collins’ slightly weathered face the way it looks now. Below, check out the tracklists for both reissues and listen to an instrumental “Against All Odds” demo that appeared online a few years ago.

Face Value:

CD1 (original album remastered):
01 “In The Air Tonight”
02 “This Must Be Love”
03 “Behind The Lines”
04 “The Roof Is Leaking”
05 “Droned”
06 “Hand In Hand”
07 “I Missed Again”
08 “You Know What I Mean”
09 “Thunder And Lightning”
10 “I’m Not Moving”
11 “If Leaving Me Is Easy”
12 “Tomorrow Never Knows”

CD2 (bonus tracks):
01 “Misunderstanding” (Live)
02 “If Leaving Me Is Easy” (Live)
03 “In The Air Tonight” (Live)
04 “Behind The Lines” (Live)
05 “The Roof Is Leaking” (Live)
06 “Hand In Hand” (Live)
07 “I Missed Again” (Live)
08 “….And So To F” (Live)
09 “This Must Be Love” (Demo)
10 “Please Don’t Ask” (Demo)
11 “Misunderstanding” (Demo)
12 “Against All Odds” (Demo)

Both Sides:

CD1 (original album remastered):
01 “Both Sides Of The Story”
02 “Can’t Turn Back The Years”
03 “Everyday”
04 “I’ve Forgotten Everything”
05 “We’re Sons Of Our Fathers”
06 “Can’t Find My Way”
07 “Survivors”
08 “We Fly So Close”
09 “There’s A Place For Us”
10 “We Wait And We Wonder”
11 “Please Come Out Tonight”

CD2 (bonus tracks):
01 “Take Me With You”
02 “Both Sides Of The Story” (Live)
03 “Can’t Turn Back The Years” (Live)
04 “Survivors” (Live)
05 “Everyday” (Live)
06 “We Wait And We Wonder” (Live)
07 “Can’t Find My Way” (Demo)
08 “I’ve Been Trying”
09 “Both Sides Of The Story”
10 “Hero” (Demo)

Both reissues are out 11/6 on Atlantic.

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