Run Forever – “Weight Under Me” (Stereogum Premiere)

Run Forever – “Weight Under Me” (Stereogum Premiere)

You can hear the titular heaviness in every corner of “Weight Under Me,” a track off of Braddock, PA-based Run Forever’s upcoming third album. The record, which was produced by Hum’s Matt Talbott and Swearin’s Kyle Gilbride, bears both of their fingerpints: the former’s bleary edge and the latter’s ear for a tight hook. Songwriter and vocalist Anthony Hubel brings his own burnt-out boredom to the table. The track was inspired by Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides, and he uses the song to support the holes the film pokes in a picture-perfect depiction of suburbia. It’s ground that’s been tread by this kind of music before, but Run Forever still find some mileage with it. Listen below.

Here’s what Huebel has to say about the track:

I’d never written a song based on a movie before but I wrote Weight Under Me after watching The Virgin Suicides. I’ve always tried to write from a place of first hand experience, but like I think a lot of people do, I really related to the movie. And to the manifested idea of the perfect, homogenized anywhere, USA they could have been living in. The warm blanket of the American dream creeping in and upscaling every neighborhood into neat little rows of houses, groomed shrubs, and imposed happiness. And religion too, of course. It’s easy to look around and see all of that still happening now.

Run Forever is out 10/9 via No Sleep Records.

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