Inheaven – “Bitter Town”

Inheaven is a dream-punk band from the UK who are going the shrouded-in-mystery route. So while we know little about them, we know that they are experts at fusing the effervescent, messy rage of punk with the sky-high yearning of dream-pop. “Bitter Town” continues that experiment, with scalding burnt plastic histrionics and suburban malaise howled out with the kind of lithe, vocal acrobatics that would make Bono proud. The screeching guitars and airy backing harmonies are from a world all their own, though. Listen below, and check out “Regeneration” and “Slow” if you’re still catching up on Inheaven.

“Bitter Town” will be out 11/20 via Hometown Records, backed by a B-side to be announced. Pre-order it here.

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