Life Sim – “IDL” Video

Life Sim is one of the few names under the PC Music umbrella that we don’t know much about. It could be the moniker of “Finn Diesel,” judging by the contact info on the official label page, but as has been demonstrated time and time again, the collective doesn’t care too much about identity. So far, Life Sim has one mixtape, This Life, to their name, a dope “Call Me Maybe” rework called “Caladhort,” and a few spare tracks and mixes laying around the internet.

Their latest song is “IDL,” the second “official” PC Music release, meaning that it can be bought instead of just downloaded — the first was Hannah Diamond’s “Every Night” last year — and it comes attached to a music video put together by Daniel Swan. It takes a bunch of similar shots from what the director calls “random post-y2k motion pictures” and splices them all together. Mainly, it makes me wonder if they had to get the rights to all these movies or if this falls under fair use. The song itself is the same kind of pensive, spacey electronica that occupies the other Life Sim releases. It also is accompanied by a Thy Slaughter remix, which gives it a dancier, classically-influenced spin. (I think that one could be better than the original, depending on what you’re going for.) Check both out below.

“IDL” is out now via PC Music.