Pure Bathing Culture – “Palest Pearl”

In case bouncy lead single “Pray For Rain” didn’t clue you in, Pure Bathing Culture are diving headfirst into the ’80s with their sophomore album. Their second single, “Palest Pearl,” is the same kind of dizzying, glitzy pop that led us to name the title track as one of the 5 best songs released in its respective week and, if you liked that, chances are you’ll dig the new one as well. Sarah Versprille’s lyrics keep everything from careening into saccharine, taking inspiration from H.D.’s 1944 poem “The Walls Do Not Fall.”

“Our song isn’t so much a reimagining or reinterpretation of H.D.’s poem, but it’s more picking up where she leaves off,” the band explained to Vulture. “For us, there’s duality in this theme in the sense that there are good and bad stories of how far people are willing to go in order to achieve their own ‘pearl of greatest price.'” Listen below.

Pray For Rain is out 10/23 via Partisan.