Slayer – “Repentless” Video

Slayer! Danny Trejo! A stab-happy prison riot! Do you really need more than that? In the off-chance that you do: Slayer, the long-running thrash pioneers, release their new album Repentless today, and we’ve already posted their songs “When The Stillness Comes” and “Cast The First Stone.” BJ McDonnell, director of the horror movie Hatchet III, helmed the video for the album’s title track, as Rolling Stone reports, and it’s a nasty piece of work. The video features Trejo, the eternally badass B-movie star, as well as a cast of familiar faces from various horror movies, including Derek Mears, Tyler Mane, and Vernon Wells. The video shows what happens when a whole lot of bloodthirsty convicts suddenly get a chance to do what they want to some guards and fellow inmates, and it is not pretty. This is a video with blood geysers and severed heads, so think about whether you’re the type of person who wants to see this sort of thing. If you are, though, it’s fucking badass. It also features Slayer playing in the prison yard for some reason. Watch it below.

Repentless is out now on Nuclear Blast.