Six Organs Of Admittance – “Exultation Wave”

Six Organs Of Admittance – “Exultation Wave”

Ben Chasny released his latest album as Six Organs Of Admittance back in February, a collection of songs that he wrote using a new system of musical composition that he named the “Hexadic System.” Along with the album, Chasny created a set of Hexadic System playing cards, a game that promised to give insight into his inventive new compositional style. Less than a year since releasing that experimental work, Six Organs Of Admittance is slated to put out a sequel to Hexadic in November. “Exultation Wave” is its first tumbling, acoustic single, and though its structure is undoubtedly complex and thoroughly thought-out, it projects the same interpretive intimacy as a song written around a campfire with close friends might. Listen to it below.

Hexadic II is out 11/20 via Drag City.

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