God Colony – “Steady” (Feat. Flohio)

The producers of God Colony are still on the up-and-up; they boast a small number of Twitter followers, a SoundCloud page, and other than that, their online presence if virtually nonexistent. But the London-based duo have been working on their debut mixtape alongside a team of international rappers, one of whom is the 22-year-old Flohio, who also hails from London. Flohio’s stream on “Steady” is rapid-fire but never aggressive, and the MC told The Fader about the hyper-confident attitude that inspired the song’s lyrics:

This track is just me doing me with a ‘don’t care’ attitude… I completely removed myself from my comfort zone with this and explored other sounds. This track’s nothing like anything any other producers sent me, so it made me want to write to it even more.

Listen below.