Watch The Full-Length “Why You Always Lying” Video

It appeared online sometime in the last few weeks: A young man with a huge, devilish grin howling about your lying ways over “Too Close,” Next’s 1997 R&B megahit about boner anxiety. The Vine went about as viral as viral gets, to the point where the image of Queens resident Nicholas Fraser’s face is enough to accuse someone of flagrant deception. And now, as Fuse reports, Fraser has made a full four-minute, 20-second video of the “Why You Always Lying” joke, someone stretching a tiny joke way beyond the length it should be and making it funny the entire time. Fraser is just fun to watch, and nothing I can write here will do justice to the moment the rain comes in, or the moment the backup dancers show up. It’s all just too perfect. Watch the video, and the original Vine, below.

It’s hard to imagine this being anything more than a glorious one-off, but careers have been made from less. And you can definitely lose your entire afternoon if you head over to Fraser’s Vine feed.