Noted Hater Keith Richards Gives Ed Sheeran Another Shoutout

Keith Richards has been on an absolute tear in the press lately, promoting his new album Crosseyed Heart by talking shit on everything from the Grateful Dead to the entire history of rap music. In fact, the only people he’s been willing to big up lately have been Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. And now Richards has doubled down on that Sheeran endorsement in an interview with the Quietus, while at the same time adding James Bay to the acceptable-to-Keith-Richards club. Asked about which contemporary guitarists he likes, Richards says, “These days? You know what? Ed Sheeran is really interesting to me… Yeah, yeah. Lovely guitar and he’s a one-man band at the moment but he has the potential. And James Bay. They’re the two that come to mind immediately.” ’60s and ’70s legends seem to just love the shit out of Ed Sheeran; you should hear Elton John talk about him on his Beats 1 Radio show.