Ex-Breathers – “Car”

Ex-Breathers’ sophomore album, ExBx, was a just-over-11-minute collection of short-immaculate hardcore songs that impressed the shit out of a lot of people who had never heard of the Tallahassee-based band. Earlier this month, they returned with a new single, “Stand Still,” and news that they will soon release a new full-length on Exploding in Sound and Hex Records. Past Tense is due out next month, and today we’re debuting its second single, “Car.” ExBx was a short, punchy record, but this new incarnation of Ex-Breathers finds them plunging to new depths with longer songs that unlatch in movements. “Car” transpires a series of change-ups like the choppy tide, its longer run time pulling you under and keeping you there. Listen below.

Past Tense is out 10/23 via Exploding in Sound/Hex Records. Pre-order it here.

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