Of Course Morrissey Commented On David Cameron’s Alleged Sex Act With A Dead Pig

You may have noticed #PigGate trending today. It’s a reference to an excerpt from an unauthorized biography of UK prime minister and indie rock fan David Cameron that was published yesterday in The Daily Mail. Biographer Michael Ashcroft alleges that while attending Oxford University, Cameron placed his penis in the mouth of a dead pig as part of an initiation into the Piers Gaveston Society, a notorious male-only “dining society” which, per Wikipedia, some believe to be “an extreme club that hosts secret events which include large amounts of drugs and sex.” So, kind of like the Life And Death Brigade from Gilmore Girls but with more orgies — although as EW points out, the whole ordeal brings to mind a different show: An early plot on the acclaimed UK series Black Mirror involved a prime minister who was forced to have sex with a live pig on TV in order to preserve a hostage’s life.

Vigilant animal rights activist and government commentator Morrissey has, of course, chimed in on this matter, although this is the rare case in which he was mostly content to pass on someone else’s words. On his fan site/mouthpiece True To You, he posted PETA’s statement on #PigGate, which calls for Cameron’s resignation. Moz couldn’t help but add a little color commentary, so here’s Morrissey’s adjusted version:

No, boys won’t be boys — not when it’s sexual perversion and also involves a vulnerable victim of slaughter, a feeling being who lost his or her life and then was used for a prank. Where have we seen other people in power misusing and sexually abusing corpses? This conduct is not excusable just because the perpetrator is prejudiced against and sneers at the other individual’s identity. A prime minister is supposed to protect the most vulnerable. Most pigs in the UK already live lives filled with pain and fear, confined to severely crowded, filthy sheds and denied the opportunity to engage in any natural behaviour. They are routinely mutilated, usually without any anaesthetics, including castration and cutting off their tails and teeth. If the allegations made by Lord Ashcroft are true, that Mr Cameron performed a sexual act on a dead pig while at Oxford University, then it shows a callousness and complete lack of empathy entirely unbefitting a man in his position, and he should resign.