Date Work – “Stay With Me”

“Stay With Me” is the first song from Date Work, a new project from Philadelphia-based Sam Becht, Pete Dimeo, and Cyberbully Mom Club’s Shari Heck (who also put out a new release under the name ÒOR over the summer that totally slipped me by). The new track has a kind of burbling, home-spun synth sound that just glows — Heck’s vocals, usually accompanied by a scratchily plucked guitar, fit right at home next to the cushier electronic touches. The bouncy chorus is immanently infectious, bound to put a smile on your face as you think of someone you’d like to dedicate this song to: “We got a heap of time/ I sing, stay with me, stay with me/ I wanna see you too,” and later the charmingly whimsy line: “History makes memory, and I’d write you in everly.” Listen below.

“Stay With Me” is out now.