Sia – “Alive”

Sia – “Alive”

In the last couple of years, Sia Furler has attained some weird art-stunt version of pop stardom. But before that, she was famous for writing songs for other people, and she’s still doing that. In fact, her new single “Alive” was reportedly written for Adele’s forthcoming album 25. Sia co-wrote it with Tobias Jesso Jr. Sia’s forthcoming LP This Is Acting will be made up entirely of songs she wrote for other people, from other people’s perspectives. “Alive” is a big, stormy midtempo number with an enormous chorus. It’s easy enough to imagine Adele singing it, but it probably ultimately fits Sia’s voice and style better. Listen below.

UPDATE: In an interview with Beats 1 this morning (via NME), Sia revealed that both Adele and Rihanna were interested in “Alive.” The former offered $1 million dollars for the song — “Adele heard it and asked if she could have it,” she said in the interview. “I thought ‘Do I like it, or do I like a million dollars? She cut it and it was so amazing. I’m a huge fan of her voice.” — but Sia ended up keeping it. At one point, Rihanna owned the song as well but it was eventually returned: “I had seller’s remorse because I was attached to it, i regretted it. Then she gave it back to me and I was relieved.”

Sia also mentioned that she was planning on writing with FKA Twigs soon: ” I don’t normally write with artists, it just makes it harder and takes longer for me. It’s easier for me to write the songs and just pitch them. I think Twigs is really interesting and I want to work with her. We’re going to get some crazy choruses.”

“Alive” is out now at iTunes. This Is Acting will reportedly arrive later this year.

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