Arca – “Soichiro”

Almost two months ago, the Venezuelan producer (and Björk/Kanye West/FKA Twigs collaborator) Arca announced his sophomore album Mutant, and now he’s shared the first track. “Soichiro” is a continuation of the amorphous aesthetic he developed on last year’s excellent Xen, a dark, alien take on dance music that sounds at once nightmarish and strangely beautiful. Basically, it sounds like it could soundtrack a nature documentary about a dolphin navigating a warzone, or the apocalypse. According to Arca, the track is titled after the middle name of filmmaker, artist, and frequent Arca collaborator Jesse Kanda, presumably the guy responsible for the visuals on this one as well. Listen below.

Mutant will be out sometime in “late fall.”

Tags: Arca, Jesse Kanda