Yesterday, SOPHIE announced his first singles collection, PRODUCT, which contains the previously-released “Bipp,” “Elle,” “Lemonade,” and “Hard,” plus four new tracks. The announcement was paired with the launch of an elaborate new merchandise shop, which featured a vinyl collection of all of the singles, a silicon bubble case CD package, some fashion-geared items like a jacket, sunglasses, and shoes (all of which either sold out very quickly or, more likely, never went on sale in the first place), and a $79 dollar sex toy (called a “silicon product” on the site) that comes with a digital download of PRODUCT and an “exclusive audio track” for those that feel comfortable enough forking over that kind of money for a toy that doesn’t even have any reviews on Amazon!!

Sophie Toy

But all of that just served as an appetizer for what came today: the British producer’s first new track in over a year! It’s called “MSMSMSM” (a string of letters he’s been using since the project’s inception), and it just debuted on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show! It’s really good! It clangs to life in that now-familiar way and goes hard for about a minute-and-a-half before dropping out for some haunted atmospheric arrangements before building up for one final clamoring gasp of air. Back when I last saw him DJ at PC Music’s POP CUBE event, I was a little worried about his trajectory — his set was high-energy but felt decidedly low stakes, but none of that disregard for pacing makes its way through to “MSMSMSM.” It takes some measure of restraint to not just dig in and go full throttle on the whole track, and he comes off the better for it. I’m not sure just yet if it reaches the heights of the other four he has out there right now, but it sure comes close. Listen below.

01 “Bipp”
02 “Elle”
03 “Lemonade”
04 “Hard”
06 “Vyzee”
07 “L.O.V.E.”
08 “Just Like We Never Said Goodbye”

PRODUCT is out 11/27 via Numbers. Pre-order it here.

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