Stream Line & Circle Split Figure

After previewing their new album Split Figure with two advance singles — “Like A Statue” and “Out Of Metaphors” — LA-via-Ohio group Line & Circle are streaming the whole thing in advance of its release. Here’s what the band had to say about some of the themes they explored on the record:

In a modern world obsessed with selfies, screens, and surfaces, to truly “know thyself” may be elusive, if not impossible. After all, willingly confronting your true self, while you’re still becoming it, has frightening implications: beneath the surface, we may not like what we find.

Why endure the pain of self-discovery? Why struggle to confront our prejudices, fears, and insecurities? Perhaps it’s a matter of survival. If the measure of our life is the intimacy, range, and diversity of our relationships, all the better to understand ourselves, and thereby better empathize with others, in the context of each one.

Listen below.

Split Figure is out 10/2 via Grand Gallop.