Modern Baseball – “The Thrash Particle”

Depending on your point-of-view, Modern Baseball’s new single could be considered an age-old tale or a revenge song. Maybe it’s both, but there’s a specificity to “The Thrash Particle” that has me settled on the latter. Modern Baseball’s guitarist and singer Brendan Lukens told The Fader that this is a song wrought by a tremendous amount of jealousy, and it shows. Still, there’s some comfort to be found in all of his lyrical bitterness, especially when you’ve found yourself thinking and feeling the exact same things about another person at any point in time. “You suggested I write a song about the first time we met/ Well I don’t wanna remember there or then/ So is this the hook you wanted?/ Is it stuck inside your head?/ Can you sing it with your friends?” Damn. Listen below.