Watch Ryan Adams Cover Taylor Swift On The Daily Show

On Monday of this week, Trevor Noah took over The Daily Show, filling Jon Stewart’s role for the first time. And last night, as previously reported, he introduced his first musical guest: Ryan Adams, currently riding high on his Taylor Swift cover album 1989. Adams’ version of Swift’s album is going to be playing in a whole lot of bars and cafes for in the months ahead, so Noah’s timing was good. On the show proper, Adams and his band, sounding sleepily assured, did their version of Swift’s “Bad Blood.” And in an online bonus video, Noah did a quick interview with Adams (with both of them standing up, which looked weird), and Adams and his band ripped through their Replacements-esque take on “Style.” Then Adams did a tender acoustic “Blank Space,” which he dedicated to “Sandra Bullock’s character in the movie The Net.” Watch all three videos below.

Adams’ version of 1989 is out now on Pax-Am.