Kanye West 808s & Heartbreak Chicago Show Announced In Error

UPDATE: Apparently, this show isn’t happening after all. A rep for Kanye West tells Billboard, “This morning, a show featuring Kanye West at United Center was published to Ticketmaster. Unfortunately, this was done in error, as there are no current plans for a Kanye West show in Chicago. We apologize for the misinformation.”

In a pair of elaborately staged shows last weekend, Kanye West performed all of 808s & Heartbreak, his massively influential 2008 Auto-Tune blues album, at the Hollywood Bowl. The shows featured 808s guests Jeezy, Kid Cudi, and Mr. Hudson, along with a whole phalanx of freaky-looking dancers. And while the shows were reportedly a bit messy (how is it possible that Jeezy doesn’t remember his own amazing “Amazing” verse?), Kanye is going to try it again. As Pitchfork reports, West will perform 808s in his Chicago hometown in an 11/9 show at the United Center. Tickets will be available here.

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