Eskimeaux – “Broken Necks” Video

Eskimeaux’s O.K. is a collection of sad songs that sound really happy. “Broken Necks,” save for its uplifting final verse, is probably the track that best represents that divide, and the video for it decides to engage with its whimsy side rather than get into the dark feelings underneath. And it’s a really fun video because of it! Gabrielle Smith starts things off with a breakfast of moving cereal boxes and stop-motion living before venturing out onto the streets and roofs of Brooklyn. Dancing stuffed animals, dancing humans, and backflips follow, and it all wraps up on the beach for the song’s emotional climax. Watch it via NPR below.

Here’s what director Robert Kolodny (of House Of Nod) had to say about the video:

The synth started from my speakers, and by the time the drums came in, my printer was singing its weird mechanical sounds in perfect tempo. I looked down at the paper coming out, staggering as the ink pressed and typed across it, and it really seemed like it was dancing to the song. I started bobbing my head and imagined all of the inanimate objects in the House of Nod office dancing to this really beautiful, fun song. I locked eyes with the cereal box on my desk (which is what I’d eaten for breakfast), and that was the first big image that I knew I’d want to incorporate into the music video. The reassembled ice cream and frantic teddy bears soon followed. The final shot of the video, with Gabby on the beach locking right onto the camera, was also something that came very organically. The final verses of the song are so intimate, stark and honest that I couldn’t image it happening any other way; her looking at you, speaking right to you.

O.K. is out now via Double Double Whammy.