Stream The Mantles All Odds End (Stereogum Premiere)

Stream The Mantles All Odds End (Stereogum Premiere)

The Mantles are not one of those rock bands that will blow you away with momentous gestures or spectacular demonstrations of power. The Bay Area combo is content to kick out compact tracks with swiftness and expertise, and their albums are all the better for it. In baseball terms (since it’s October and all), they don’t hit a ton of home runs, but their batting average is insane. On the new All Odds End, the band traverses garage-psych (“Island”), folk-rock (“Lately”), new wave (“Doorframe“), and various other classic styles without ever losing their sense of self. And whereas most bands of their retro-minded ilk scan as historical preservation societies, Michael Olivares and company make music that feels strikingly alive. They’re exceptional songwriters, arrangers, and performers, and producer Jason Quever of Papercuts presents their sound with exactly the right amount of polish. The result is the best album yet from one of rock ‘n’ roll’s hidden treasures; stream it below.

All Odds End is out 10/16 on Slumberland. Pre-order it in digital or physical formats.

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