Floating Points – “Nespole” Video

Floating Points, the UK producer known to his parents as Sam Shepherd, makes foggy, twinkly music that isn’t necessarily intended for dancing. So in his video for new track “Nespole,” dancer Kiani Del Valle had quite a task for herself. Del Valle choreographed all her own dancing in the video, translating Floating Points’ bips and hums into actual physical movement, while director Sander Houtkruijer staged a scene of two Del Valle doppelgangers moving toward each other across a vast and empty room. “Nespole” comes from Floating Points’ new album Elaenia, and we’ve already posted his “Silhouettes” video. Check out the “Nespole” clip below.

Elaenia is out 11/6 on Pluto/Luaka Bop.