Nocando – “Last Man Standing”

Underground LA rapper (and former battle-rapper) Nocando is currently working on a full-length follow-up to last year’s Jimmy The Burnout, but he’s also been spending the past few weeks dropping loose material like the excellent “Alaska” and the new video for “Osaka.” Now he’s given us another one-off track, “Last Man Standing,” in which he manages to brag about his impeccable survival instinct while simultaneously making you feel all of the pain and hard work that goes into staying on top, the loneliness that comes with being the titular “last man standing.” Here’s what he writes about the track in its SoundCloud description:

The 1st verse and chorus of this song was written for a certain hip hop legend in some writing sessions I was in last year. When I wrote this I was really thinking about Apocalypse in the age of Apocalypse arc in the X-Men Comics. Some one who has existed through many different eras and climates and swears by survival of the fittest. Being the narcissistic artist that I am I turn around and made it all about me ahahahahahahaha!!!! jk. Enjoy

Producer Great Dane provides a shuffling drumbeat and some minimal but warm, oddly pretty synth burbles. Listen below.

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