The Flaming Lips Play Dead Petz Songs Without Miley Cyrus At Secret Show

We’re about a month-and-a-half removed from the grand unveiling of Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, and so far we’ve gotten a VMAs performance and a Saturday Night Live one from Cyrus and the Flaming Lips, who will also support her on an upcoming tour behind the album. The Lips influence is strong on Dead Petz, and it makes sense that the band would want to adapt some of the tracks for their own use, which is exactly what they did at a surprise show in California yesterday, as Billboard points out.

Wayne Coyne took over the vocals on “Karen, Don’t Be Sad,” which doesn’t sound much different with him behind the wheel. He also took a break in the middle of the song to talk to the “small-minded, mean motherfuckers out there,” presumably addressed to the critics of Cyrus’ latest effort. They also did a rendition of the Dead Petz track “Tiger Dreams,” which features Ariel Pink on the studio version. Watch video from the show below.