Eddie Vedder Celebrates His Beloved Cubs’ NLDS Win

Eddie Vedder Celebrates His Beloved Cubs’ NLDS Win

Not too many predictions from the movie Back To The Future 2 have come true, but one seems a little more likely every day: The Chicago Cubs winning the World Series in 2015. Last night, the team won a playoff series against the St. Louis Cardinals, their archrivals, thus moving one big step closer to their first World Series win since 1908. Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder is a longtime Cubs fan, and a vocal one. When the team beat Pittsburgh in a Wild Card win last week, Vedder celebrated in the locker room. And he was also there at Wrigley last night, celebrating with the team.

CBS interviewed Vedder down on the field after the win, and he talked a bit about all the Cubs fans who didn’t live to see them go this far:

And as Yahoo Sports reports, Vedder has a conflict right now. If the Cubs do make it to the World Series, Vedder will miss the games, since Pearl Jam are touring South America later this month. Talking to Fox Sports Midwest, Vedder said, “”It’s been a surprise. We’re touring and I have to leave before the World Series. All I’m saying is that the next few years we’re not going to play in October… This year I didn’t think we had to worry about it. But I hope we go to the World Series and I hope I miss the games. It’d be a good problem to have.”

Vedder’s contemporary Billy Corgan was also at the game last night, though he looked slightly less happy:

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