St. Vincent Hates Burritos

St. Vincent Hates Burritos

St. Vincent worked some waitressing shifts at her sister’s new Resident Taqueria in Dallas over the weekend, and people care so much about it that it’s been our top story since Sunday. Stars! They’re just like us! That Annie Clark is one relatable sister! Anyway, Bon Appétit has just provided a major assist in our quest to bring you more St. Vincent waitressing content. As Spin points out, the food mag interviewed Clark about her experience serving tables. Among the revelations: She arrived planning to just drink a margarita but ended up springing into action when it got busy, she’s never worked a restaurant job before, she “got a real rush out of it,” she’ll be even nicer to servers after this, blah blah blah. Let’s get to the important thing: Annie Clark likes tacos better than burritos.

St. Vincent Serves Tables At Taqueria
Annie Clark helped out at her sister's new restaurant.

What the fuck, Annie Clark?

Blame the Bon Appétit reporter, I guess. It was all fun and games, a nice little puff piece, and she had to go and politicize the issue. But Bon Appétit went there, and as a result, now we know St. Vincent’s offensive stance on this important matter:

Taco or burrito?
Get outta here with that. Taco! Go back to San Francisco. I don’t need a burrito.

Burritos don’t need you, either, St. Vincent. #TeamBurrito is not impressed with your taco love.

UPDATE: Clark has apologized for her insensitive burrito comments.

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