Arca – “EN” Video + Mutant Details

Arca’s latest Mutant single “EN” arrives with a video, but it’s not by longtime collaborator Jesse Kanda. This time Arca handles the visuals himself, but like his other videos, it still toys with notions of androgyny and sexuality. Shot from below as if to look up the subject’s skirt, the yellow-tinted clip features a figure in high-heeled boots and other apparently female attire, but partway through the character is revealed to be Arca himself. The music is typically choppy and ethereal, at once calming and disturbing. Watch below.

Pitchfork notes that Arca also shared Mutant’s tracklist and cover, which is by Kanda and which is quite a thing to see:

01 “Alive”
02 “Mutant”
03 “Vanity”
04 “Sinner”
05 “Anger”
06 “Sever”
07 “Beacon”
08 “Snakes”
09 “Else”
10 “Umbilical”
11 “Hymn”
12 “Front Load”
13 “Gratitude”
14 “EN”
15 “Siren”
16 “Extent”
17 “Enveloped”
18 “Faggot”
19 “Soichiro”
20 “Peonies”

Lastly, Arca shared a statement about the album: “Mutant is about sensuality and impulsiveness as escape routes out of rigidity. Softness as a weapon when the mind attacks itself.”

Mutant is out 11/20 on Mute. Pre-order it on vinyl, CD, or at iTunes.

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