Purity Ring – “Begin Again (HEALTH Remix)”

Purity Ring’s tombstone-pop tendencies make them the ideal pairing for gothic noise punks HEALTH. Another Eternity was dismissed by many as a retread of Purity Ring’s past territory, but just because the entirety of the pop world has begun orbiting around the same planets as Megan James and Corin Roddick doesn’t mean they’ve lost their touch. In fact, it really means the opposite. But I digress — “Begin Again” was the second single off Another Eternity and the one tied to the album’s release announcement, so it’s safe to say it serves as a thesis of sorts for the record. HEALTH have taken that thesis and warped it to fit their astral, darkly poetic worldview. It feels like they took Roddick’s musical perspective and injected a little more venom into it. Then again, HEALTH’s last album was called Death Magic, which could just as easily be the title of a Purity Ring song we haven’t heard yet. James’ vocals and lyrics remain untouched of course, because why alter something that came into this world flawless in every way? Listen below.

Purity Ring’s Another Eternity is out now via 4AD. Health’s Death Magic is out now via Loma Vista.