John Carpenter – “Night (Zola Jesus And Dean Hurley Remix)”

John Carpenter is an iconic B-movie director and film composer best-known for scoring creepy, cinematic horror movies of the ’70s and ’80s. Carpenter is now in his late sixties, but that didn’t stop him from releasing a collection of improvised, icy tracks called Lost Themes with his 30-year-old son Cody (of prog project Ludrium). That record snagged our Album Of The Week distinction when it came out back in February via Sacred Bones, and now the label is releasing a remixed version of the entire LP. We’ve heard Prurient’s remix of “Purgatory” and now Zola Jesus and Dean Hurley have teamed up to rework “Night.”

Both contemporary artists were stoked to be part of the remix series. Zola Jesus said, “The opportunity to lend an interpretation of John Carpenter’s music is beyond surreal and humbling,” and Dean Hurley added, “John Carpenter is an absolute master of mood and has such an eloquent and powerful ‘less is more’ quality to his music.”

Listen to their remix of “Night” below; it’s the rare Carpenter recording that features vocals.

Lost Themes Remixed is out today via Sacred Bones. Get it here.