Alanis Morissette Launches Self-Help Podcast

Alanis Morissette announced via Facebook that she will be launching a self-help podcast, which will be called Conversations With Alanis. The announcement came accompanied with the following inspirational meme-quote:

The description on the iTunes preview page reads as follows:

Conversations with different individuals from different schools and walks of life discussing everything from psychology to art to spirituality to design to health and well-being, to relationships (whether they be romantic or colleagueship or parent with children relationships). Alanis will dive into science, neurobiology, music, travel, social commentary, maybe a tiny bit of political, and feminism (which Alanis likes to call “the Feminine Movement in both Males and Females Alike”) the conversations will touch on topics that move the guest and Alanis herself toward philosophizing in real time, as well as illuminate any teachings, ideas and models already established.

Episode 1 is available for free now via iTunes.