New Grimes Album Inspired By “Bro-Art” Like Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, & Al Pacino In Godfather II

New Grimes Album Inspired By “Bro-Art” Like Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, & Al Pacino In Godfather II

Grimes has been doling out information about her new album, the highly anticipated follow-up to her 2012 breakthrough Visions, in precious little trickles. We still haven’t heard a single note of actual music — unless she decides to include a reworked version of her recent single “REALiTi” on it “by popular demand,” which I hope she does, because it’s a great song, even if she won’t admit it — but the release must be pretty imminent. Back in May, she announced that the album would be surprise-released in October, and, oh, would you look at that, it’s almost November. Plus, there’s this:

But even if she’s pulling a SWISH/Boys Don’t Cry on us, at least she’s continuing to talk about the record and filling in a few more details. And what details they are! Grimes is featured in the forthcoming November 2015 issue of Q Magazine, and in the article, she says that while she was writing the album, she immersed herself in what she calls “bro-art,” meaning Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen albums and gangster movies. “One song on the album, ‘Kill V Maim,’ is written from the perspective of Al Pacino in The Godfather Part II,” she says. “Except he’s a vampire who can switch gender and travel through space,” because of course he is. During the writing process, she also decided to isolate herself from society, heading into the woods:

I wanted to get away from Hollywood bullshit. So I moved to Squamish, a small town in British Colombia. There was a lot of “crazy” going on, but it was organised “crazy” — like lying in the dark and seeing if I could hallucinate. It felt good, letting myself be a total fucking weirdo. And I had cookies…I was a much weaker person when I wrote Visions. It was a sad record — cathartic, but victim-y. During this album I’ve got control of my music. It feels more developed. On Visions I was still in school, mentally. Since then, I’ve wanted to make something strong and aggressive because it’s more reflective of me.

Read the full excerpt from the Q Magazine piece here via the Grimes fan-blog LoveYouClaire.

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