Titus Andronicus – “No Future Part IV: No Future Triumphant” Video

This morning, Titus Andronicus frontman Patrick Stickles made his second appearance on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. And he also shared his self-directed video for “No Future Part IV: No Future Triumphant,” one of the many, many bracing and excellent songs on the new Titus Andronicus rock opera The Most Lamentable Tragedy. The video is an energetic DIY affair, with Stickles raging out in front of a Biggie Smalls mural, on the roof of a tour van, and onstage at his Shea Stadium homebase. He also smokes a whole lot of weed, shows off his band’s merch at every opportunity, and hangs out with a masked hypeman, which raises the question: Why don’t more rock videos feature hypemen? The intro seems to sample an old Das Racist live bit. This video is a whole lot of fun, and it goes a long way toward showing what a fired-up and magnetic frontman Stickles is. Check it out below.

The Most Lamentable Tragedy is out now on Merge.